Royal Gourmet CC1830F Grill Review

If you’re looking to elevate your backyard cooking experience, the Royal Gourmet CC1830F Grill with Offset Smoker is just the upgrade you need. This versatile grill offers a generous 811 square inches of total cooking space, perfect for hosting big family gatherings or entertaining friends. Its barrel design ensures even heat distribution, while the offset smoker allows you to infuse your food with rich, smoky flavors. With its sleek black finish and sturdy build, this grill is not only a high-performing cooking appliance but also a stylish addition to your outdoor space. Get ready to impress your guests with perfectly grilled and smoked dishes, all thanks to the Royal Gourmet CC1830F Grill!

Royal Gourmet CC1830F Grill with Offset Smoker, 811 Sq. Inches Space, Barrel Charcoal BBQ Outdoor Backyard Cooking, Black

See the Royal Gourmet CC1830F Grill with Offset Smoker, 811 Sq. Inches Space, Barrel Charcoal BBQ Outdoor Backyard Cooking, Black in detail.

Looking for the Ultimate BBQ Experience?

If you love the smoky flavor of a perfectly grilled piece of meat or enjoy gathering with friends and family around a fire-cooked feast, your quest for the ultimate grilling experience may end with the Royal Gourmet CC1830F Grill with Offset Smoker. You might be wondering if this grill can deliver on its promises and live up to its feature-rich specifications. Let’s dive into an in-depth review of this charcoal BBQ wonder!

Why Choose the Royal Gourmet CC1830F Grill with Offset Smoker?

When it comes to outdoor cooking, the choice of a grill can make or break your barbecue parties. The Royal Gourmet CC1830F stands out for all the right reasons. With ample cooking space, versatile functionalities, and a sleek design, this grill offers more than just utility—it provides an experience.

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Key Features

Here are some of the exciting features that make this grill a must-have:

  • Cooking Space: A total of 811 square inches of cooking area.
  • Material: Made from durable steel for long-lasting use.
  • Design: Features an offset smoker attached to the main body.
  • Usability: Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Portability: Equipped with caster wheels for mobility.


To make it easier for you, here’s a simple table breaking down some essential specs:

Total Cooking Space811 Sq. Inches
Grill TypeBarrel Charcoal BBQ
Extra FeatureOffset Smoker
PortabilityCaster Wheels

Get your own Royal Gourmet CC1830F Grill with Offset Smoker, 811 Sq. Inches Space, Barrel Charcoal BBQ Outdoor Backyard Cooking, Black today.

Cooking Space: More Room, More Fun

Are you worried about fitting all your food on the grill at once? With 811 square inches of cooking space, this grill ensures that you have enough room to cook for a large gathering.

Primary Cooking Chamber

The main barrel provides a generous area for direct grilling. Whether you are planning to cook some juicy hamburgers, steaks, or even a whole turkey, you’ll find ample space to spread out your items for even cooking.

Offset Smoker

The attached offset smoker adds an extra layer of versatility. Not only does it provide additional space, but it also allows you to indulge in some quality smoking. Imagine the deep, smoky flavors infusing into your ribs or brisket as they slow-cook to perfection.

Quality and Durability: Built to Last

When it comes to grills, material and build quality are crucial. The Royal Gourmet CC1830F does not disappoint in this department.

Steel Construction

Constructed from sturdy steel, this grill is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor cooking. It’s built to endure high heat levels and resist rust, ensuring you get long-lasting performance.

Powder Coated Finish

Worried about the grill looking worn out after a few uses? The black powder-coated finish not only adds to its sleek aesthetic but also serves as a protective layer against corrosion, extending the lifespan of your grill.

Royal Gourmet CC1830F Grill with Offset Smoker, 811 Sq. Inches Space, Barrel Charcoal BBQ Outdoor Backyard Cooking, Black

Design and Aesthetics: Form Meets Function

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Royal Gourmet CC1830F is its appealing design. It’s not just about looks; each design element is well-thought-out and contributes to its overall functionality.

Barrel Shape

The classic barrel shape provides an authentic BBQ look and ensures optimal heat distribution. It’s a design that both seasoned grill masters and novice BBQ enthusiasts will appreciate.

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Offset Smoker

The offset smoker isn’t just a functional add-on; it complements the overall design. Strategically positioned, it prevents direct heat from reaching your food, perfect for slow-cooking and smoking.

Ease of Use: Grill with Confidence

It’s one thing to have all these features, but are they easy to use? The answer is a resounding yes!

Temperature Control

Managing the temperature is a breeze with the built-in thermometer. You can easily monitor the heat levels inside the grill without having to open the lid frequently, which helps maintain a consistent cooking temperature.

Adjustable Dampers

The adjustable air dampers give you more control over airflow and heat. Whether you want to sear meat at high temperatures or slow-cook at a lower temperature, these dampers provide the flexibility you need.

Royal Gourmet CC1830F Grill with Offset Smoker, 811 Sq. Inches Space, Barrel Charcoal BBQ Outdoor Backyard Cooking, Black

Portability: Grill Anywhere, Anytime

Whether you’re grilling in your backyard or taking it to a friend’s house, the Royal Gourmet CC1830F is highly portable.

Caster Wheels

Equipped with sturdy caster wheels, moving this grill around is effortless. Forget straining your back lifting heavy equipment; simply roll it to your desired spot and lock it in place.

Side Handles

The side handles are designed for easy lifting and maneuvering, providing additional convenience when you need to reposition the grill or store it away.

Cleanup and Maintenance: Less Time Cleaning, More Time Grilling

No one likes the cleaning part, but with the Royal Gourmet CC1830F, it’s surprisingly straightforward.

Removable Ash Pan

The removable ash pan makes disposing of ashes an easy task. Just slide it out, empty it, and you’re good to go. This feature minimizes cleanup time, letting you enjoy more of the grilling and less of the scrubbing.

Easy-to-Clean Grates

The cooking grates are designed for easy cleaning. A quick brush after grilling and they’re ready for next time. Plus, the durable material resists sticking, making your job even easier.

Royal Gourmet CC1830F Grill with Offset Smoker, 811 Sq. Inches Space, Barrel Charcoal BBQ Outdoor Backyard Cooking, Black

User Experience: What Do Other Grill Enthusiasts Say?

Positive Reviews

Users rave about the ample cooking space and the versatility offered by the offset smoker. Many mention how pleased they are with the temperature control features and the ease of cleaning. High marks are consistently given for its durability and sleek design.

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Areas for Improvement

Some users point out that assembly can be a bit time-consuming and recommend having a second person help. A few also noted that pre-seasoning the grill could help improve the longevity and performance of the grates.

Additional Features: The Icing on the Cake

Aside from its main functions, the Royal Gourmet CC1830F comes with several additional features that enhance your grilling experience.

Storage Rack

A convenient storage rack positioned under the grill offers ample space to store charcoal, grilling tools, and other essentials. This keeps everything you need within easy reach, making the grilling process more streamlined.

Front and Side Shelves

The front and side shelves are a thoughtful addition, providing extra prep space for sauces, marinades, and dishes. Having these surfaces allows you to manage multiple components of your meal without running back and forth to your kitchen.


Moving the grill around the backyard or driveway is not a hassle thanks to the built-in wheels. Despite its robust build, it’s designed for easy mobility which enhances the overall user experience.

Royal Gourmet CC1830F Grill with Offset Smoker, 811 Sq. Inches Space, Barrel Charcoal BBQ Outdoor Backyard Cooking, Black

Value for Money: A Wise Investment for BBQ Lovers

While there are endless options on the market, the real question is whether the Royal Gourmet CC1830F offers value for its price. Given its robust construction, extensive cooking space, and additional features like the offset smoker and mobility, it’s fair to say this grill offers substantial bang for your buck.

Price Range

Typically priced in the mid-range for high-quality grills, the Royal Gourmet CC1830F provides multiple functionalities that often require separate purchases. By combining grilling and smoking capabilities, it offers superior value in a single package.

Long-Term Investment

Consider the potential lifespan due to its durable construction and easy maintenance. Over time, the Royal Gourmet CC1830F can prove to be a cost-effective investment, saving you the trouble and expense of frequent replacements or repairs.

Recommendations: Is It Right for You?

Not all grills are created equal, and what works for one person might not work for another. Here’s a quick guide to help you decide if the Royal Gourmet CC1830F is the perfect match for your needs.

Who Will Love It

  • BBQ Enthusiasts: Perfect for those who enjoy both grilling and smoking.
  • Large Gatherings: With its ample cooking space, it’s ideal for families and social butterflies.
  • Outdoor Cooks: Excellent for those who frequently cook outside and need a durable, reliable grill.

Who Might Look Elsewhere

  • Quick Cookers: If you’re looking for something that will cook food extremely fast, a gas grill might be more up your alley.
  • Compact Space: If you have limited space, the size of this grill might be a bit overwhelming.

Final Verdict: A Must-Have for BBQ Lovers

In conclusion, the Royal Gourmet CC1830F Grill with Offset Smoker is a well-rounded, durable, and versatile option for anyone serious about outdoor cooking. With its substantial cooking space, handy features, and solid construction, it promises to elevate your grilling game to new heights.

So, next time you’re looking to up your BBQ game, consider the Royal Gourmet CC1830F. It just might be the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen. Happy grilling!

Check out the Royal Gourmet CC1830F Grill with Offset Smoker, 811 Sq. Inches Space, Barrel Charcoal BBQ Outdoor Backyard Cooking, Black here.

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